Show Your Support (Without Opening Your Wallet!)

October 25th, 2012 § 0 comments

During a recent conversation, I was asked “So, what can I do to support the Hartford Symphony?” Obviously, the first answer that came to my mind as a fundraiser was, “Make a donation!”. However, I realized that the true answer to that question requires more depth. Of course, donations are integral to ensuring our continued success and very existence as they always have been. But, in addition to making a donation, there’s so much that people can do to support the HSO.

  • Get your friends together: While you may attend concerts yourself, we always love to see new faces in the audience! Bring your friends to a concert for a night out that’s more than just dinner and drinks (you can still have those too!). You know that we have programming for everyone, but your friends may not. Be the one to introduce them to something different!
  • Bring your children or grandchildren: Talk about building future audiences! For most of us who love the Symphony, our best memories are attending with our parents, grandparents, aunts or uncles or even with a school group. Make memories for all of you, and share your love of music with new generations.
    Hartford Symphony's Picnic in the Park: September 25, 2011

    Hartford Symphony’s Picnic in the Park: September 25, 2011

    • Be our advocate: Be a vocal supporter of the arts whether it’s in conversation with others, or even taking a more active part by joining the League of American Orchestras or Americans for the Arts in their advocacy campaigns. These organizations make it easy to voice your concerns to your local representatives when support for the arts is under fire.
    •  Use your tickets: So this one definitely sounds strange, right? We certainly want you to use your tickets so you can enjoy every note that Carolyn Kuan and HSO play for you! However, we know that things come up and you may not be able to make it to a concert. If this happens, please know that you can exchange for another concert, or you can donate your tickets back to the HSO for a tax deduction. This is especially helpful for concerts like this past weekend where we find ourselves sold out, but with people still wanting to attend concerts.
    • Make the most of your donation: I admit it, this one does have to do with making a gift. However, did you know that many employers have matching gift programs? It costs you nothing, except for a few minutes filling out information online or a form provided by your employer, and you could be increasing your gift to the HSO by 30%, 50% or even doubling it!
    • Volunteer: We have volunteer opportunities for ushering at our Jazz and Strings and Sunday Serenades series. Also, our Talcott Mountain Music Festival would not happen without our hundreds of volunteers who assist with everything from set-up to parking or ticket-taking. For more information on this, contact 860-246-8742, ext. 301.

    As you can see, you can support the Hartford Symphony in many ways that does not involve just making a donation. Thank you for being a part of the HSO’s success in so many ways! Are there any that I’ve missed?

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